Vintage rose selection


Dansk vintage roses – a selection of 15 mixed vintage coloured roses  app 50 cm long -tied with foliages.

PLEASE NOTE- the roses on the image are already open, well be sending out fresh closed roses so it will take a few days before the bouquet looks like the photo in the web shop.

Flower Care

You can make your flowers last by following a few simple steps.

Keep them away from heat and direct sunlight while transporting them.

Fill a clean vase with lots of room temperature water and add half of the sachet of flower food attached to the bouquet to the water.
Take your flowers out of the aqua pack over a sink and remove the rest of the wrapping (If your flowers are not aqua packed please recut them at a sharp angle- and place them in the vase.)

After 2-3 days repeat - wash the vase , fill it with fresh water and add the rest of the flower food. Do not place the flowers in direct sunlight or next to a heat source - radiators, televisions etc. Enjoy.


We will do our best to deliver on the date requested, certain post code might not be covered at the weekend.

The flowers will be delivered wrapped with water and if possible we will try and leave the flowers somewhere safe if no one is at home and put a card through the door to let the recipient where they are.

We might call the recipient to make sure that someone is at home to receive the flowers - we do this without ruining the surprise.

If you would like something delivered outside the postcodes listed please contact one of the shops for a quote for delivery

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